Everyone has heard of a clutch, but many people aren’t fully aware of what this component is responsible for.

Basically, a clutch is two individual metal plates designed to attach and detach the wheels from the engine. Rotating shafts that run in between each wheel are connected to the engine.

When the car is in gear, the clutch helps to connect the engine to the rotating shafts to propel the vehicle forward or backward. The clutch has to be released if you want to switch gears or stop entirely.

When you shift gears, the two metal parts of the clutch are grabbing onto another gear in order to make the vehicle drive differently.

When to Change Clutch?

Clutch replacement is required more often than timing belt replacement. In general, you should have your clutch checked out or changed every 50,000 miles. Again, each car is going to require something different, but that’s a good place to start.

There are times when your clutch might wear down and require maintenance or replacement before you hit that full 50,000. It’s important to know what to look out for when it comes to a waining clutch. Here are some signs that your clutch might be in need of some servicing:

– Your clutch gets stuck or feels loose when you press it
– You hear the engine revving, but your vehicle has trouble accelerating
– The gears don’t change easily in a manual vehicle
– You hear funny noises when pressing the clutch

If you run into any of these problems while driving, it’s recommended that you head to a professional auto shop as quickly as possible. Driving with a problematic clutch can cause significant damage to your vehicle and is generally unsafe.

Clutch Replacement Cost in Dublin

Replacing a clutch is going to run you around the same amount as a timing belt replacement. Of course, the overall price you pay will be largely dependent on the make and model of your vehicle. Some brands use more expensive clutches than others.

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