There are a number of small things that can go wrong with your car, that might seem insignificant, but can often lead to bigger issues or safety concerns, if not checked by a professional.

This can include issues with your exhaust pipe, car battery, light bulbs, or the windshield wipers. N7 Auto Repairs provides some of the most efficient battery, bulbs and wiper repair services in Dublin, so that you can be driving safely again in no time.

We also have a great range of parts, so if you require any replacements, we can perform these on site.


Car Exhaust Repairs

If your car exhaust pipe is blocked, this can prevent oxygen getting into the engine, and this in turn can prevent the engine from starting. Thus the exhaust pipe is important, for providing a way out for these fumes, and allowing the engine to run.

Each car exhaust is different, depending on the make and model of the car, and if there have been any modifications. N7 Auto Repairs is able to provide any repairs if your exhaust pipe is blocked or broken. In the event that you do need a completely new exhaust pipe, we are more than happy to find one that is the correct fit for your car, and safely install it so that you are good to go.

Battery repair & replacement

It can be very inconvenient to have a faulty battery in your car, which could leave you stranded at the worst possible occasion. Here at N7 Auto Repairs, we will provide you with a free battery check, to ensure that everything is in peak condition. If your battery does need replacing, we are fully equipped with a range of different batteries, to be able to perform the replacement on site.

While we have most of the common types of car battery, if we do not currently have the one that your car requires, we will be more than happy to order it in and change them over as soon as possible.

All of our batteries come with a two-year warranty, so you can be sure that nothing will go wrong with it. We are an environmentally-conscious business, and we will responsibly dispose of your old battery, in order to reduce the damage that is being done by hazardous dumping.

Bulbs repair & replacement

It can be a major hassle trying to change the bulbs on your car, especially the ones that seem insignificant, such as those above your number plate. You might not even realise that some of them don’t work. Although it is a lot of effort for a small job, often a bulb that doesn’t work can be a safety hazard, especially when you’re driving at night.

We are more than happy to check all of the bulbs in your car, and if we find any that do not work, we can replace them on the spot. If there is a larger electrical issue that is stopping your light bulbs from working, we can diagnose that, perform the necessary bulbs repair services, and have you safely back on the road in no time.

Wipers repair & replacement

Windshield wipers are another piece of equipment that seem too difficult to replace on your own, and often people will drive with defective wipers.

This is a safety hazard in poor weather conditions due to the lack of visibility it creates. Not only that, but it can also scratch and damage your windscreen, leading to even more expensive repairs in the future if you do not get them replaced in a timely manner.

At N7 Auto Repairs, we have a full stock of different sized wipers, all of high quality. A wipers repair does not take long, and our friendly team are more than capable of installing a new set for you. A wipers repair does not take long, and we take the hassle out of the job, so you can be on your way with better vision in any weather conditions.