It may seem like something that garages do to make money from hapless drivers, but getting your oil and filters changed is extremely important for the health of your vehicle. An oil change and filter change is not an up-sell but a necessity for the upkeep of your vehicle.


Why do Oil and Filter Change?

As well as a car oil change, you might also want to look at changing your air filter regularly. Air filters that are dirty lead to poor performance and bad fuel economy for your vehicle. Your air filters stop dirt, dust and small debris from getting into your engine.

When particles get into the combustion system they can be quite abrasive and wear some of the parts such as cylinders and bearings. This, in turn, affects the performance of your vehicle.

This can also affect the lifespan of your car. Clean air filters make sure your car gets enough air for combustion so that fuel is converted into power efficiently. At your next oil change ask that your air filter be checked and replaced if necessary. It only needs to be changed when dirty but use your oil change Dublin schedule to have it checked regularly.


What are oil filters & how they work?

When you drive your vehicle, your engine is constantly working. Your engine heats up and the parts inside are all moving together. The oil helps keep the combustion chamber cool. It also helps to keep the engine parts running smoothly. The oil helps prevent the build-up of carbon and other detritus in your engine.

Your engine works best when the oil is clean. This is why it is important to have a regular transmission oil change done on your vehicle.

The oil filter helps sift all the dirt and dust and other particles out of the oil to help keep it cleaner for longer. When the filter gets clogged and dirty, the contaminants are fed back into your engine. This can cause corrosion and damage in your engine and reduce fuel economy.

The oil flow can even be blocked all together which can cause your engine to seize up and fail to work anymore. When you have your car oil change done, have the oil filter changed at the same time.

Otherwise, you pass clean oil through a dirty filter and pollute the fresh oil at the same time. Leaving a dirty oil filter in your car for a long time may not show problems right away and you may even get away with doing a car oil change without changing the filter once or twice, but the filter will fill with dirt and unfiltered oil will eventually be passed back into the engine.

This can cause a lot of damage in engine wear and tear, causing earlier replacement of parts as well as increasing the amount of fuel you use.

When I look for an oil change near me, I look for a garage that offers good oil change prices as well as offering deals on replacement of filters to ensure the car runs well for longer. While looking for a car oil change near me, I found N7 Autorepairs which offers decent pricing and good quality parts.

It is very important to the life of my car and the safety of my family that my car is serviced regularly.

The oil change cost is actually minimal when it comes to the savings in fuel costs due to the better economy with clean oil and filters. N7 Autorepairs can offer you good oil change deals especially as part of a larger service. Get your oil changes done regularly. Talk to N7 Autorepairs about their oil change specials and save time, money and stress when it comes to your car service.