Many people try to skip their pre nct check and do some basic fixes and repairs at home, hoping they will pass the test. Statistically, more than 50% of vehicles that have not undergone a Pre-NCT Check in Dublin, will fail the test. This means you will have to go back in 30 days after further expenditure and try and do it again.

NCT Checklist

During your NCT test, the first part of the check is

  • the exhaust emissions when your car reaches its optimum temperature.
  • The vehicle is also checked for adequate engine oil levels.
  • The next check is tyre pressure.
  • They then move on to check brake fluid
  • oil fluid
  • engine coolant
  • power steering fluid
  • windscreen wash.
  • The last check on the first phase is the lights – They will check the different beam settings and check pitch angles are correct as well as the intensity levels.

Phase two of the NCT test will include a

  • side-slip and suspension test where your car is put on vibrating plates at first at then on to rollers on the ground.
  • Then your brakes will be tests on the brake rollers.
  • The rear-view mirror
  • steering wheel
  • safety belts
  • door operation
  • fuel filler caps are checked
  • If you have baby seats, these will also be checked

The final checks will include testing of all the pedals, checking the tyres for thread, condition and specification as well as the steering joints. The bearings and wheel nuts need to be in order as well as the back wheel suspension components.

How does Our PRE NCT check work?

NCT pre-test done by a qualified garage will ensure all the fluids are filled. They will pump the tyres as well as check your lights. All lights must be checked including the different settings. This includes your indicators and even your number plate lights. If any bulbs need replacing, this can be done during the pre nct check and the angles set correctly where necessary.

Nct service prior to your NCT test will check suspension, brakes and the other items checked in phase two. We will also check to ensure all your safety belts are positioned correctly to avoid an unnecessary fail.

Pre NCT you will also need to know what is checked in phase three of the NCT test. This is a lot more technical and includes the suspension system, steering linkage, brake hoses and lines which is checked while the vehicle is hoisted up on a lift. They will also check fuel lines, brake components, the exhaust system and the overall bodywork of the vehicle.

Your PRE NCT service prior to undergoing the NCT will check for any problems with the car and advise you of anything that needs to be repaired.

It is recommended that you ensure everything is repaired before you take the vehicle for the NCT test.

A Pre-NCT Check in Dublin can be done by us at N7 Autorepairs to ensure you pass your NCT first time around.