Have your headlights become cloudy and dirty? Are they no longer as bright or as shiny as they were when you bought your car? No amount of cleaning them at home can help, but luckily N7 Auto Repairs is able to help you with all of your headlight restoration needs.

Why headlights appear to go cloudy?

When you receive your brand new car, the headlights are surrounded in a piece of clear plastic. This plastic has been coated in a UV-protective polymer that is designed to keep your headlights looking bright for as long as possible.

However, exposure to natural elements such as sunlight will eventually wear down this UV protection, and begin to deteriorate the plastic coating surrounding the headlight, giving it that foggy or yellow colour.

This is inevitable, but can easily be replaced by professionals such as the team here at N7 Auto Repairs.

This is often not the only reason that your headlights go foggy, and become difficult to see with. Your car can often kick up little bits of unsealed gravel as you drive, which can crack or scratch the protective plastic. This is especially common if you are constantly driving on unsealed roads.

Over time, these scratches accumulate, and create an opaque look on the plastic, and less clear light from the headlight is able to make it out onto the road.

The plastic coating on your headlights can also become corroded from daily pollution and dirt. Over time, these can have an impact on the plastic, causing it to become warped and foggy. Although you might be able to wash the dirt away, if it has corroded the plastic, you will need to replace this.

When the plastic coating has become damaged in any of these ways, it may be possible that water might leak into the headlight fitting. This itself can cause visual issues, and it can create condensation inside the fitting, leading to even more issues.

This is a health and safety hazard

Headlights are one of the most important safety measures on a car, as they help you to see in the dark, or in poor weather conditions. If your headlights are not functioning properly, due to a bulb not working, or the plastic protection has become too foggy to see out of, your visibility can become seriously limited, increasing your risk of a car accident.

We recommend that you get your headlights checked regularly, but as soon as you find yourself struggling to see even with the aid of your headlights, you come and get them restored by a professional.

Our restoration services

We are more than happy to provide you with quick and easy headlight restoration services here at N7 Auto Repairs. We will fix the protective plastic around your headlights, so that they are no longer foggy, and you will have complete headlight visibility again.

This is a very cost-efficient and easy process to undertake, and should not take long. When necessary, we replace the plastic with high quality, long lasting alternative, adding value to your car and just generally making it look neat and new again. We are also more than happy to service the actual headlights themselves, and diagnose any issues that might be occurring there as well.

N7 Auto Repairs offer some of the most competitively priced headlight restorations Dublin, while still retaining high-quality workmanship.

If you are interested in our services, and would like a free quote, all you need to do is contacts us today, and one of our friendly team will get right back to you.