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      We are a one stop shop for all you car servicing, crash repairs and motoring needs. Located in Rathcoole in Co. Dublin we are in an ideal location. Please have a look bello on some of our services or just check the service menu.

    • Visit us at N7AutoRepairs if you are looking for reliable & affordable car body repairs. Whether you need a dent removal, bumper repair, or need collision damage fixing, we have the skills.

    • Car Paint Repairs Dublin. Mobile Paint Repair offer Bumper repairs, Car paint scratch repairs, trim repairs & mobile SMART repairs. Free Quotes.

    • We are experts in car panel beating repair. We can repair so that previous damage is invisible. Our experience in the area of car bodywork panel beating means we find efficient solutions.

    • Dublin is the place where our dent repair and scratch repair services are in demand. We operate from a traditional bodyshop that handles all private, accident and non-fault car body repair work.

    • Full range of car tyres including top brands for all car models at low prices, order online and arrange a local fitting that suits you with no hidden costs. Change your tyres today!

    • Get interim or full car service in Dublin at the best local rates with N7 Auto Repairs. Book online your vehicle servicing now! We have best prices and top customer service.

    • A quick visit to our team of experienced trained technicians for an NCT check before your NCT could save you time and money in the long run.

    • N7 Auto Repairs are specialists in wheel alignment and tracking. Our mechanics will get you straightened out no time with quality wheel alignment services.

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    • Why Use N7 Auto Repairs Garage in Dublin?

      • Our repairs are fully guaranteed: We are so confident in our repairs that they come with a lifetime guarantee.
      • We’re more cost-effective than traditional body shops: Our repairs are always quoted at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shops, as our specialists don’t need repaint the whole panel/wheel when carrying out a repair, saving you both time and money!
      • 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE: We've been established since 2009 so have a wealth of experience. So we can give the best advice and provide the perfect solution for your needs.
      • Quality Tools: We use effective high-quality tools to complete professional vehicle repairs.
      • Free Quotes: We provide FREE quotes and offer lower prices than other body shops.
      • Trained Technicians: Our technicians are well-trained and work to professional standards.
      • We have high standards:  To ensure that we always deliver perfect repairs as well as top customer service, N7 Auto Repairs specialists are regularly assessed through ongoing accreditation and skills development.
      • Any Models: We work on any make or model of vehicle – New, Classic or Vintage cars.


    • Need to get your Car Serviced?

      Just as you need to get a physical check-up regularly to stay in good health, so does your car. Find a good mechanic Dublin and stick to the service list as advised by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Whether it is a basic or a full car service, you need to ensure that the garage Dublin that you use is qualified and offers reasonably priced services you can rely on.

      It is important to keep your car roadworthy and a car mechanic Dublin that does your servicing should also be able to give you advice on any repairs you may need. Car repairs Dublin is important to keep you safe on the road and your car running smoothly. Regular servicing will take care of repairs before they become a problem. Services generally include from basic to intensive checks on the health of your vehicle's systems and any wear and tear or maintenance that may be required.

      Some of the car garages Dublin will offer a variety of servicing options. This includes oil and filter change, a basic or interim service, a major service (fuel service) and a manufacturer service as examples. Different places may have different options but these are the standard.

      When looking at a car service Dublin this is often considered a minor service but this is one of the most important parts of servicing a vehicle. An oil and filter change helps to keep your car running better, improves reliability and fuel efficiency. During this service, car mechanic Dublin are able to do a full visual inspection and advise you of safety issues and repairs needed on your vehicle. This does not include brakes, which should be checked once a year. These repairs can be approved and completed by the same garage Dublin, sometimes on the same day if they are able. This allows you to drive your vehicle away feeling safer.

      Basic or Interim Service:

      The next service that is needed by your vehicle is the interim or basic service. Every car service Dublin will offer a basic service. This will include the oil and filter change and visual inspections for repairs, but there will also be fluid top-ups. This can include brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze and more. You can also schedule in your brake checks at this service.

      Why not combine our service with: Oil & Filter Change, Pre-NCT Check, Car Tyres, Brake Pads, Discs & Brake Fluid Replacement Service, Clutch and Timing Belt Repair & Replacement Service, Shock Absorbers & Suspension Repair Service, Exhausts, Batteries, Bulbs & Wipers Repair Service, Crash Repairs, Spray Paint Repair, Panel Beater, Accident Repairs, Bumper Repair, Car Scratch Repair, Headlight RestorationCar Accident Insurance Claims to benefit from our discounts and combination deals. Or you can simply contact us for a free quotation. Why not have a look at our testimonials and gallery to see N7 Auto Repair's amazing work for yourself?

      Important Links:Society of the Irish Motor IndustryCompetition & Consumer Protection CommissionNCT.

      Full Car Service Dublin

      A full car service will include everything the basic car service does as well as extra checks on various components to ensure everything is running smoothly and no repairs are needed. The car will be checked for all maintenance requirements, but repairs or replacements required would also be separate to the service and accrue additional costs.

      Car service Dublin will usually offer this type of service as an option which includes everything from the full service but also includes a change of fuel filters, spark plugs and possibly other items recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Additional maintenance and repair work would also be additional to this service.

      Manufacturer Service

      This service is a complete service which includes all services as well as wear and tear items and maintenance items. This is an expensive service but includes a comprehensive list of checks and replacements. Some of the work will include:

      Top ups of anti-freeze, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid and windscreen wash, Oil change and oil filter replacement, Full braking system check, Steering system check, Suspension check, Shock absorber check, Checking of all lights, Battery check, Tyre pressure and treads check, Wheel alignment check, Windscreen wiper check, Exhaust system check, Charging system check.

      If you choose a good garage Dublin for your servicing and repair needs, and get your car serviced regularly as per manufacturer instructions, your vehicle will run better, more reliably and be more fuel efficient. You will also extend the lifespan of your engine and vehicle in general. A car that is well maintained is also likely to be safer than a poorly cared for vehicle. It will also be a lot more costly to do repairs after a breakdown than maintaining your vehicle properly. While you may be tempted to choose cheap car service Dublin but cheaper is not necessarily better. Choose a reliable garage that offers good quality parts and services vehicles at a reasonable price. It will work out more expensive if you end up with severe damage to your vehicle due to a sub-par service. Preventative servicing and maintenance will ensure you are at less risk of extremely expensive repairs to suspension, transmission and engine and issues are addressed before they get out of hand.

      It is important to keep your car roadworthy as well as safe to drive. Breakdowns can cost a lot in loss of income especially when your vehicles are used for work or even for transport to and from work. If your family travels in your car, you want to be sure that the vehicle is as safe as possible to prevent accidents and breakdowns that could put your family at risk.

      Check your manufacturer's guidelines to see what services are recommended and when (this is usually on an age of vehicle or distance travelled basis). Log your services and repairs to ensure you stay up to date. This also adds to the value of your vehicle should you put it up for sale. Offering a full-service history lets a new buyer know that the vehicle is well maintained and cared for.

      When looking for a car service Dublin make sure you choose a professional company that fits good quality parts and has a good reputation. N7 Autorepairs offers services on all levels and can offer reasonable quotes on your maintenance and repairs to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. N7 Autorepairs is a mechanic Dublin that can offer full car service, repairs, checks, maintenance, and general vehicle care.

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