Look no further than N7 Auto Repairs if you seek a full, bumper-to-bumper Dublin car service providing inspection, detailing, maintenance and repair. From the moment you book online, or call to book, you will experience straightforward, personable and timely customer service.

Our goal is to offer you the very best car service Dublin has to offer at extremely competitive pricing. And we will never charge you for work that you did not request.

Car Servicing at N7 Auto Repairs Dublin

If you see a quote on our Website for a specific job, this is the price you will pay at our shop. Our prices cover everything from collection and delivery of your vehicle to VAT, labour and all necessary parts.

The prices quoted are for petrol cars, however, oil filter changes and full service on diesel cars will generally cost the same. Usually, the only difference between the procedures will be to replace the fuel filter rather than the spark plugs. The only variation in price may be for long-life fuel filters or long-life spark plugs, specialized oil or more than five litres of oil. However, any discrepancies will always be discussed with you before we do the work.

How Our Car Servicing Works?

Whether you schedule your car for an oil change or full servicing, the appointment will begin with a detailed inspection of your vehicle. We systematically follow an itemised servicing and detailing list to pinpoint any urgent problems as well as issues that may require maintenance in the near future. Our routine oil change list includes 23 different points, and our full car service list includes 32.

We also only utilize high quality parts that are original equipment from your car’s manufacturer. At N7, we are also proud to offer you a full year’s guarantee on both parts and labour.

We will always contact you first before beginning a job, especially if our highly skilled technicians find any non-standard problems or other work you did not specifically request. We may also call you first to quote a price or inform you about necessary parts.

After we have completed the labour requested, whether that’s an oil change or full service, a final check for quality control will take place. This covers a road test, resetting the SLI (service level indicator) and stamping your vehicle’s service book. We guarantee that our checks will be completed and stamped according to the warranty regulations for your vehicle.

Routine Oil Change

Our routine oil changing service includes a complete 23-point check list, including a final check with road test.

Initial Operation Checks:

  • Instruments gauges, warning lights, and horn
  • Interior and exterior lights
  • Condition and operation of wiper blades and washers
  • Brake fluid levels
  • Battery terminals and security
  • Clutch operation
  • Handbrake operation
  • Brake pedal operation

Secondary In-Depth Checks

  • Raise vehicle off ground
  • Inspection for corrosion or damage of under body
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Engine oil renewal
  • Inspect steering suspension mountings and gaiters
  • Inspect drive shaft joints, gaiter condition and prop shaft joints
  • Inspect exhaust system condition
  • Inspect fuel lines, brake pipes, flexible hoses and handbrake cables
  • Inspect front and rear back plates for brake fluid leaks
  • Inspect shock absorbers and suspension for damage and leaks
  • Inspect all tyres and adjust tyre pressure if necessary
  • Inspect all wheel bearings
  • Check condition of timing belt

Final Checks

  • Road test the vehicle
  • Reset the SLI if needed
  • Stamp vehicle service book

Full Vehicle Servicing

Our full vehicle servicing includes a complete 32-point check list. The initial check includes all the points in the oil change as well as a spark plug check and replacement. The final check will be the same as after an oil change.

In-Depth Checks:

  • Raise vehicle off ground
  • Inspect power assisted steering belt or auxiliary drive belt
  • Inspect engine and gearbox mountings
  • Inspect under body for wear and tear and corrosion
  • Inspect radiator and hoses for leaks and damage
  • Replacement of the oil filter
  • Change the engine oil
  • Change the air filter
  • Replacement of fuel filter for diesel engines
  • Inspect all brake pad discs
  • Inspect steering rack, including suspension, mountings and gaiters
  • Inspect track rod ends and ball joints
  • Inspect drive shaft and prop shaft joints
  • Inspect exhaust for damage and leaks
  • Inspect fuel lines, brake pipes, hoses and handbrake cables
  • Inspect front and rear back plates for fuel leaks
  • Inspect shock absorbers, suspension and mountings
  • Inspect tyres for wear and adjust tyre pressure
  • Inspect wheel bearings
  • Inspect timing belt and suggest replacement schedule


If you have any questions about our services, or you need assistance with booking an appointment or vehicle pickup, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, helpful staff.

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